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What exactly is The Blu Card?

The Blu Card is a discount card with which you can avail upto 50% off at various Restaurants, Hotels, Salons & Gyms.


How much does The Blu Card Membership cost?

Rs 1,200 only for a period of 1 year.


How do I buy the membership?

You can order your card via our mobile app that is available to download on both Android and iOS Phones. You may wish to order through our website i.e. www.theblucard.com or simply call us @9888-555-530 and we will take your order. You can pay for The Blu Card on our website & app by using your credit/debit card, netbanking or your online wallets. Cash on Delivery option is available for The Blu Card Membership purchases only. COD is not available for voucher purchases.


If I buy the card online, when will I receive it?           

You will receive it within the next 4 working days.


How long is the card valid for?

The card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.


How many times can I use the card?

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the card.


Is it fine for me to share this card with my friends and family or can I transfer it to somebody else?

The card is non-transferable but please feel free to share it with your friends and family. Please note that you need to present the physical card at our partner outlets to avail discounts.


Can I gift this card?

Yes, you can gift The Blu Card.


What if any merchant refuses me discount?

In the very unlikely event of one of our partners refusing to give you discount as advertised by The Blu Card, pls call our helpline no. 9888-555-530 and we will resolve the problem as quickly as possible.


How do I use The Blu Card?

Using The Blu Card is very convenient. Simply present your card at the time of requesting your bill or at the time of placing your order at any of our given partners and they will take care of the rest.


What happens after I buy the card online?

Once you have completed the super easy payment process, you will receive a receipt in your inbox confirming your purchase and your permanent card by courier, which you can start using as soon as you receive it.


What privileges does this card not entitle me to?

This card does not entitle you to free entry or free gig tickets at any of our partners. It also does not mean that you will get preference or a table over other customers or be exempt from making a reservation. This card may not be applicable on black-out dates like valentine’s day or New year’s etc.